What's the big idea?

They're all big ideas.

We do live action. We do GFX. We do Voice-Overs. In several countries. Simple.

And here's our scrapbook.

Suffice to say that while Trine and Aidan have been walking a meandering -occasionally verging on directionless- path that has seen them work for companies such as Disney, Sky, Xbox, Europa Corp, Sketchers; they've always had this little thing in the back of their heads.

Something small. Something slightly below radar.  Something slightly unhinged.

And so, with no particular order, rhyme or reason, we present our body of work.




(coming soon)

And so we're into a new year. Our first project of the year is cooking up nicely. Here's a snippet of feedback i got from the producer today:

Trine recently worked with the creative team at SBS to produce a TV spot for Belgian channel VIER and their show De Ideale Wereld. It involved assembling a SWAT team, wrestlers, and bikini babes as well as getting a sofa to the lofty heights of the third floor.


To see the spot, head on over the vier site:

LAMB - What Makes Us Human

Not only were Lamb one of our favorite acts, but their latest album dealt in large part with subject matter that we loved. The fact that the universe works in cycles, from the smallest of atoms to the largest of celestial bodies is strangely buddhistic and all the while scientific.

We wanted to reflect the complexity of the human condition, the physical, the emotional, but also the fact that we are all in a constant state of erosion, and the beauty therein.

Despite the budgetary limits we managed to pull off some insane visuals, mainly due to the mind-blowing capabilities of the Phantom Flex 4k.


Just went through some old files and found a lot of artwork we produced for our feature film ideas back in the day, including this peach from Dominic Lavery, made while we were adapting our Angel Wing short to feature length.

DEXTER Season 8 promo - Sky Germany

As season 8 is the final season for everyones favourite serial killer, Sky Germany were looking to produce something a little different with their promotional material. Aidan, alongside fellow hat-lover Caner Salmanli, came up with the idea of using Dexter's blood splatter strings to provide not only a sexy background for inserts, but also a countdown to the season finale.


SCALA & KOLACNY BROS. - Masquerade of fools

Mainly known for their angelic, ethereal covers, working on a Scala original song was an incredibly exciting prospect. The track evoked a sumptuous and lavish excursion into the surreal, all the while staying true to the grace and femininity of the musical entity that is the Scala choir.

Once again stretching the tiny budget to breaking point, this production involved a blue screen studio shoot in London, an octocopter drone shoot in Estonia, and a location shoot in Brighton. Apart from the Octo-copter cityscapes, Aidan shot, lit, and did all of the GFX by himself in around three weeks. He nearly died.

BIOGRAPHY - Fantasy Footwear

Shoe designer Pol Engels concept of "fantasy footwear" allowed us to flesh out a world which combined dream-like and real world elements to play with the concept of perception.

One of our main goals was to use the Red Epic's 4k capabilities to capture every tiny detail of the incredible costume design.

SCALA & KOLACNY BROS. - Chercher Le Garcon

Our second project for Scala and Kolacny brothers, a cover of Taxi Girls 1981 track, demanded a much darker visual. We came up with a narrative-based video with an occult twist. The video features the wonderful Lize Feryn, who played the lead in lavish production In Flanders Fields, and many other Belgian elements.


Aidan has been a freelance motion designer since January 2015, mainly using After Effects and Cinema 4D. Take a look at a small selection of work below.

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